rupo de Usuarios de FreeBSD, República Dominicana

FreeBSD User Group
- Dominican Republic
FreeBSD, PC-BSD, FreeNAS, pfSense, monowall, DesktopBSD, TrueBSD, ...
"FreeBSD no es Linux ni OpenSolaris, pero son similares en muchos aspectos. FreeBSD es una gran alternativa para usuarios de Linux/OpenSolaris/UNIX, y excelente para el uso del servidor, como en sus variaciones modernas para el novato del escritorio."

FreeBSD in the Dominican Republic
Varios people like to create the FreeBSD User Group of Santo Domingo (for the whole island). The movement is in the moment administrated by Marcelo Maurer. For inscriptions and more information write to "unixmarcelo(at)".
The first meeting is planned in the end of october in Santo Domingo (UASD) and the second in San Francisco (UCNE) .

Give DesktopBSD one chance!
DesktopBSD is FreeBSD as desktop, with easy tools to use and with a graphical automatic standard installer. DesktopBSD has the tools for new/regular user of FreeBSD, like "live-DVD" (live-CD), graphical package-tools and simple installer. Download at:
But Peter Hofer wrote: "This is the last and final release of the DesktopBSD project. I find myself having less and less time to spare lately and no longer desire to keep developing and maintaining this project. However, because DesktopBSD is based entirely on FreeBSD, further support for the operating system and availability of up-to-date software for DesktopBSD 1.7 is ensured."



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